WritingOutliner Dev – Enhancing inter-module communication with EventBus

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So as I’ve promised not to be a silent developer anymore, here is my first post about the WritingOutliner development (don’t worry, posts about other software of mine will come up gradually). The current work for WritingOutliner is that I’m applying the EventBus design pattern , for better structuring the internal modules of this Word add-in. All qualified programmers knows that the modules inside a software … Read More

Announcing the new homepage and blog for WritingOutliner Word Add-in

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New website From now on this website, truesimplesoft.com, will be the home page for all of my software. Note: The contact info, including the email address keep unchanged. Why this new website? There are several reasons, but the most important one – I have several software products, and I need to consolidate them into a single website, so that: I can spend … Read More